3 Reasons to Consider Water Heater Repair in Glen Ellyn, IL

3 Reasons to Consider Water Heater Repair in Glen Ellyn, IL

Like most household appliances, your water heater is one of those things that gets taken for granted – until it goes kaput. Then it garners all the attention it deserves. On average, the lifespan of most water heaters is between ten and fifteen years. Of course, this lifespan varies according to frequency of use and care and maintenance. Knowing when it’s time for water heater repair in Glen Ellyn, IL allows you to make informed decisions and ensure a constant supply of clean, safe hot water.

  1. Take an honest assessment of your time, schedule and skill. Will you really be able to safely and routinely maintain your water heater? Maintenance plays a big role in the lifespan of your water heater. Consequently, lack of maintenance plays a big role in repair costs and necessity. Units that undergo routine checks and upgrades last longer and undergo less frequent and costly repairs.
  2. Is your water heater dispensing cold instead of hot water? Yikes! It may be something as simple as a blown pilot light or as complicated as a faulty thermocouple. Relighting the pilot light could be a DIY project. Repairing or replacing the thermocouple is a job for our team of skilled pros.
  3. If your water heater is emitting a foul odor similar to that of a rotten egg, you’ll definitely want to call us in for a timely repair. That unpleasant smell usually means your unit has bacteria growing inside it, which makes the water passing through it pose a health risk for your family. We can repair the unit and restore bacterial and PH levels to safe standards fast!

If you’ve recently purchased or inherited a new-to-you home with an older water heater, you may find that it met the needs of the previous owners, but does not satisfactorily meet your needs or those of your family. At Precision, we take pride in providing you with water heater repair in Glen Ellyn, IL that we stand by and you can be proud of. Call us today


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